by Fortis Homme Lagahit

I have a life, I have a life!

It may be a mystery, but at least I did it with style

I have a life, I have a life!

It is a good game; never consider it a trial

I thought to myself, “Why do I live?”

Is it to be true, to believe, not to receive but to give?

I will say this – don’t be so negative,

For there will always be a reason to stay positive.

When I was young, I thought I could never die

As I grew up though, now I was just too scared to try

From everything I hold inside of me,

Conscience tells me of such uncertainty…

Yet as time passes by on first glance,

I can see my world advance.

I myself would, if given the chance;

My skills and determination I have to enhance.


Whatever the consequence

Whatever the turbulence

Faith, strength, and truth I must commence

Amidst all that restricts my presence

It’s possible! Every chance or opportunity I miss

For the sake of my actions vis-a-vis,

Despite the fact, “Ignorance is bliss.”

What’s important and never-ending is…

I have a life, I have a life!

Hardships and burdens are what I strive.

I have a life, I have a life!

Nothing beats saying, “I’m alive!”

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