By: Sir Janryl S. Oliverio

While most of us have been feeling uneasy of what will happen next, putting our fears and worries ahead of us is simply not a means to end this overwhelming concern brought about by the pandemic. As many would say, we cannot just let ourselves be crippled by the long-terms effects of COVID-19 that has affected the lives of many – and even the greatest weapon that anybody else could have – EDUCATION. Rising above this crisis is making ourselves adept with the NEW NORMAL. This new norm simply suggests that we can no longer do the things we usually do but it is embracing what NOW has in stored for us – that includes not having to go to school physically (otherwise known as face-to-face learning). That is why, in this age of disruption, where students cannot be admitted to attend school physically, various flexible learning options have been explored to cater the needs of our learners. One of which is DISTANCE LEARNING.

Sailing to a new direction, Divine Life Institute of Cebu, Inc., adapting the new normal, is very much certain and confident that our mission of bringing quality and relevant education right straight to your home can be made possible through DISTANCE LEARNING. Distance learning also known as remote learning can be classified as Online Distance Learning and Offline Distance Learning where students can choose from. How do these two differ from each other? Online Distance Learning can be done with the use of internet connectivity where learning can be synchronous (class conducted in real time through online platforms like Zoom and the like) and asynchronous (students are provided with content and tasks that they need to accomplish within the time frame with no interaction needed using varied Learning Management Systems – LMS such as Google Classroom, Edmodo, Schoology and the like). On one hand, Offline Distance Learning does not require internet connectivity but takes place using the modular approach to learning. This means that students will be given self-learning modules or self-learning kits for them to accomplish at home. We shall identify pick up and drop off points where parents can get and send the students’ outputs and modules of learning. This is our way of helping you out rise above the situation. Learning is not only limited in the four walls of the classroom.

Learning happens anytime, anywhere. In DLIC, we value your child’s future. As we push forward for greater leaps and altitudes in education, let us be one in taking a step closer to your child’s dream.

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